Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Se me fue Julio...

Dear heavens, I have so much to blog about, and then, not really. July went by super fast, much food, much camping and much jumping around was had. Last weekend we spent some time at camp, and we had some serious cloud fest. Enjoy!

Por ahi dicen las malas lenguas que el tiempo no pasa, vuela! y con razon. Toditito el mes de Julio se me fue como si la marrana. Nos la pasamos de campamento en campamento, tirando barra, gozando de las temperaturas humanas, y en general bastante chido.

Este fin de semana pasado nos apoltronamos en la cabana de la familia, y aunque hubo bastantes horas de trabajo manual (con tremendas ampollas en mis providenciales manos...que verguenza!) pues si que fue relajante el asunto.

El domingo hicimos una breve caminata a uno de los miradores cercanos y nos dimos un atacadon de nubes. Ahi vuelvo con el reporte de los campamentos, tengo como 700 fotos en mi camara. No desesperen.

We've been eating so many wild blueberries and raspberries, that I am not lying when I tell you I dont even get excited anymore when we find some on our walks. I am so stuffed! But I am so happy to report that we have installed, quite successfully, another weekly rhythm to our life: sunday morning walk. Ok, more like lunch time, because Sundays are pretty lazy around here, but still...some days we go on a bit of a hike, like this time, and some other days we go on super short ones around the hood. The point is to all walk together. I am loving it.


Polar Bear Creations Dolls said...

Beautiful pictures!
I Love Ontario!!!! <3<3

Anonymous said...

Your photos are sweet. I want to hug the girls.
Hope you get a bit more camping in before winter.

Tanpopo said...

Hello friend ! Your pictures are SO beautiful !! I'd like to buy a new camera and I'm asking people around me about their cameras. Could you tell me if your happy with yours and what it is ?